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Rebel Wilson Weight Loss 2020




Why is it that when celebs get fit, we take notice?

Maybe it’s because we figure if they can do it, with their obviously busy, hectic lifestyles, then we can surely do it amidst our busy and hectic lifestyles as well! 

Or, maybe we simply take notice because it’s easier to do so given their broader platform to reach others with their life’s happenings. 

Either way, motivation is motivation, and if you’re seeking to lose weight or optimize your health, you know that seeking out success stories can bring both needed motivation and knowledge. 

So, who’s having success in this uphill battle otherwise known as 2020? Rebel Wilson! 

Honestly, I think she, and anyone else kickin’ tail this year regarding their health, deserve a double round of applause. I mean, talk about a year that will go down in the history books as adding obstacles to achieving your goals, right?! 

But, despite the many challenges that this year has been bringing, Rebel Wilson is tackling those challenges and crushing her goals. 

How, you ask? Good old fashioned diet and exercise. 

Life may bring changes, but the most effective methods for success generally remain the same. 

However, those effective methods include precise details, so let’s see exactly how this celeb is crushing her weight loss goals this year…

Rebel’s Goals

Before we look at the star’s exact means for achieving her goals, let’s just take a brief look at where she started. 

One mistake many make when embarking on a path to weight loss or even optimal health is they fail to set specific goals or include specific plans to reaching those goals. 

Having a vehicle won’t get you far if you don’t even know where you’ll be going in the first place. Chances are some aimless driving would ensue, and you’d end up back home pretty quickly. 

The same is true with your health. Knowing where you’re going is crucial to success. And, for Wilson, she had a specific goal weight in mind when beginning her journey. 

Her other goal amidst achieving weight loss success involved taking this year, 2020, and making it a “year of health” spending the entire year setting herself up for healthy habits that would create an entire change in her lifestyle to ensure lasting success. 

So, what changes did Rebel Wilson incorporate into her life to achieve her success? (She’s reportedly within 6 pounds of her initial weight loss goal, by the way.)

Rebel’s Diet

Wilson is following a diet based on what is known as the “Mayr Cure” which was created by Dr. Franz Mayr. 

This diet, the Mayr method, is based on the principle that certain foods that we eat, and even how we eat them could actually be poisoning our digestive system (gut health, anyone?). 

Therefore, the goal of the Mayr method or diet is to improve one’s overall health through digestion. 

As digestion begins in the mouth (technically in your food prep methods) the way you chew your food can aid in your body’s ability to appropriately digest what you eat. 

This is why the Mayr method teaches those following the diet to chew their food slowly and to remove all distractions while eating, enforcing mindfulness even during food consumption. 

Other dietary tenants involved in the plan include:

  • Reducing sugar
  • Reducing dairy
  • Reductions in gluten intake
  • Eliminating food intolerances
  • Eating whole foods (slowly)
  • Eliminating snacking

At the beginning, following this method for health and weight loss includes ridding one’s body of toxins.  

This is achieved through a restrictive diet and the use of supplements meant to cleanse the body, ultimately bringing balance to pH levels. This is why the Mayr method is often associated with “the alkaline diet.”  

Detoxing the body of alcohol, caffeine, and sugar is a major tenant in the beginning phases of the diet. All of which are believed to aid in detoxification. 

The plan also emphasizes the pitfalls of snacking. In fact, the Mayr method discourages any snacking whatsoever, even “healthy snacks” are a no-no, forcing those following the plan to be mindful not only of what they are consuming but when they consume it as well. 

So, what can you consume, or eat, on the diet?

Rebel’s diet, using this method, has consisted of whole, high alkaline, foods such as vegetables, fresh fish, and sheep’s milk yogurt. The diet also permits foods like proteins, grains, nuts and seeds, vegetables, and seasonal fruits. In other words, whole, clean, real foods. 

With gut health being of utmost importance, probiotic rich foods are encouraged when following this diet. 

Overall, the diet:

  • incorporates foods from all major food groups, making individuals less likely to feel like they are being deprived
  • teaches those following it to practice mindfulness when eating to learn a healthy balance when it comes to food intake
  • boosts the immune system and reduces inflammation through the types of foods eaten

Wilson also claims to still incorporate “treats,” just much less frequently. Everything in moderation, right?

She says she’s also been using things besides food to treat herself, like bubble baths, and other self care options. 

Rebel’s Exercise

As most of us are well aware, goals of weight loss and health aren’t achieved through diet alone. Rather, a healthy balance is achieved when incorporating some form of exercise as well.

And, Rebel Wilson’s reported method of exercise revolves around what is known as high intensity interval training, or its abbreviated version, HIIT. 

High intensity interval training is a type of workout that is characterized by short periods of exercise performed at maximum intensity, followed by short periods of either rest or less intense exercise. 

These intervals allow for the maximum benefits of the workout to be achieved in a shorter timeframe than traditional workouts and generally incorporate a mix of both cardio and resistance training exercises. 

Research suggests that even greater health benefits can be reaped from HIIT than longer sweat sessions of cardio alone. 

From greater calorie burn, to improvements in heart health, to reductions in blood pressure and blood sugar, it’s no wonder the celeb prefers HIIT workouts as her method for achieving her weight loss and overall health goals. 

Working out with her trainer, Wilson is said to be a big fan of including exercises involving tire flipping, stair sprints, and battle ropes in her high intensity interval training sessions.

She also notes the dedication required to reap the biggest rewards when it comes to her health, reportedly getting in those workouts even if it requires getting up early multiple times per week to fit them into her busy schedule. 

And, Rebel Wilson is no different than anyone else! 

Achieving your health and fitness goals requires the same planning, action, and effort. 

So, define your goals, big and small.

Focus on whole, healthy food choices, being mindful of both what you consume and when you consume it.

And, get moving! As you’ve seen, Rebel’s favored choice of exercise, HIIT, indeed packs a powerful punch when it comes to benefits rewarded in a much smaller time frame of commitment. 

In fact, HIIT and a clean diet are how I personally lost over 100 lbs.

Grab the exact HIIT workouts I used (beginner and advanced follow-along videos), and the “3X Method Manual” that teaches the entire system I used to drop 100 lbs, for free here.


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But perhaps the most valuable aspect of “Revealed” is the support system it provides. In addition to the comprehensive workout and nutrition plans, you’ll also have access to a community of like-minded individuals who are also on their fitness journey. This community provides encouragement, accountability, and motivation, helping you stay on track and reach your goals.

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